About us

Bill Lamont

With more than twenty years working as a mechanic, engineer, and supervisor for Bethlehem Steel, the U.S. Army, Westinghouse, and others, Bill's experience couldn't be more hands-on. He's done everything from putting tanks back together to drilling and evaluating soil samples for some of Baltimore's best-known works -- including the Harbor Tunnel and Key Bridge. The G.I. Bill allowed him to earn a B.S. in Management and Planning from the University of Baltimore. Needless to say, Bill is the guy you want running your jobsite, and he has handled all the company's construction management needs for more than 23 years.

Brad Lamont

When Brad graduated from Towson State University in 1990 with a B.A. in Finance, construction and remodeling were furthest from his mind. But when Bill asked him to go into business together, he just couldn't resist. (Bill would say it was the other way around, but never mind.) Brad began at the bottom, with tool belt strapped to his waist and hammer in hand. After ten years of field experience doing carpentry, he began managing construction projects. Working with interior designers and architects naturally led to working directly with clients. Today, Brad is the first point of contact for clients and manages all the company's projects from start to finish.
"Rock Solid Builders is on-time, fulfills their promises, has reasonable prices and performs outstanding work. But they are much, much more than that. I can honestly say that Brad Lamont treats his jobs as if it were his own house. His personal involvement in a project and attention to the smallest details is second to none. To date, he has installed 3 stunning baths for us and I look forward to a future new kitchen with him and his fine workmen."

Dr. J. R. Iddings, Glen Arm, MD